Anime Recommendation of Big O

I finished watching the anime series Big O for the first time since around 2004. I have been looking to watch the series again through Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix or some other site for years as well as hoping to find the series on Blu Ray, but for years no site had the series and there was no word on a up coming Blu Ray release. That is until a few months ago when it was announced that the series was finally going to be released on Blu Ray, and I had to have the series. I remember watching the series twice back in 2003 and 2004 loving the series even with the abrupt and confusing series finale.

After watching Roger, Dorothy, Angle, and the rest of the cast of characters on Big O the series stands the test of time as Big O is as good as I remember it being. Big O animation element is heavily inspired by the classic Hollywood Film Noir style, and Kazuyoshi Katayama and Chiaki J. Konaka were obviously inspired by DC’s Batman, Issac Asimov, and The Matrix to name the big three influences of the show story wise.

Some criticism I have read has been between seasons 1 and 2 of the show when Cartoon Network backed the show since the first season was so popular in the US. Big O in general is a dark series, but Season 1 was much lighter in tone and style than Season 2. Personally I did not mind the shift as the writers were exploring delving into the history of Paradigm City one of the last remaining outposts of humanity in the world after a great war most likely ravaged the earth 40 years earlier with the effect of erasing everyone’s memories.

What i had some what of the problem with was the build up and the series finale of Big O. Throughout the series the writers were obviously trying to explore and build to something in the ideas of what it means to be human, memories, and reality itself, but the while I enjoyed the last handful of episodes and the ideas/themes in them the last few episodes felt rushed leading to a while enjoyable series finale an abrupt, vague, and convoluted ending.

Overall Big O is a great anime series with wonderfully written characters, fantastic animation that can match almost anything today, a really well done story, and truly beautiful and epic music. I would give Big O an 4.5/5 or an 8.75/10.

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