John’s Review of The Prince

Review written and owned by John McGinn

Damn what a waste of some pretty good talent with a cast that includes Jason Patric, John Cusack, Rain, Bruce Willis, and to a much lesser extent rapper 50 Cent. Jason Patric stars as the titled “The Prince” or Paul. Paul isn’t a likable character or even a likable anti-hero, and has the personality of a door stop in that he has none. I like John Cusack is a talented actor, but here in the Prince his talent is wasted in a throw away role as Sam an old associate of Paul’s. Rain is a multi-talented actor, musician, and producer who starred in a decent film in Ninja Assassin, but compared to The Prince, Ninja Assassin is the best action film ever, and again Rain’s talents are wasted as Omar’s right hand man. Yes Curtis Jackson is a rapper, and will never be a great actor, but Jackson is capable of giving some decent and entertaining roles if not good acting performances as Jackson did in Twelve and Streets of Blood, but here in The Prince, Jackson has like two lines as a richly developed character named The Pharmacy before Paul shoots him in the chest. Oh yes I forgot about Jessica Lowndes as Angela who is only around for eye candy and nothing more.

What has happened to Bruce Willis’s career? I mean the actor was once one of if not the biggest stars in Hollywood staring in the Die Hard films, 12 Monkeys, The Fifth Element, Armageddon, and Pulp Fiction, who could basically do no wrong. Now sure he has the occasional hit or critically well received films like Looper and Moonrise Kingdom, but those films are few and far between the endless mediocrity, and downright crap the actor as given us in Surrogates, Catch .44, The Cold Light of Day, A Good Day to Die Hard, and The Expendables franchise. Willis continues to give us crap here in The Prince playing the villain Omar who wants revenge on Paul for murdering his wife and child. There are many problems with his role, and the character, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I hope things turn around for Willis career, but with the likes of Vice and Rock the Kasbah I doubt it.

All right I’m sure everyone wants to know what the terrible action film is about, well it’s about a group of unlikable characters killing each other. We have Paul as the retired Prince, who has been retired for twenty years now works as a mechanic in a quiet life until his daughter disappears. Paul returns to New Orleans in search of his daughter where he meets up with Angela and they go on search for his daughter. Somehow two men who work for Omar who look like they’re in their late twenties or early thirties recognize Paul as The Prince even though it has been twenty years since anyone has seen Paul, and the two men would have barely been born. Yeah its best not contemplate the obvious great writers that were hired to come up with the “superbly written” script the script for The Prince. Anyway let’s go back to the great plot. Omar finds out about the return of Paul who was the man who murdered his wife and child twenty years earlier, and wants him dead. This leads to showdown at a hotel and the death of Omar the end.

Obviously the writing was terrible. The dialog was robotic at best, the characters were unlikable or uninteresting, and the supposed bad guy Omar ended up being the good guy in the film. Omar was supposed to be the villain, but he didn’t get enough screen time, and by the end of the film he ends up looking like a saint compared to Paul. The action was absolutely forgettable, and I mean that I finished watching The Prince four hours ago, and I can’t remember any of the scenes outside of the terrible climax, which takes place at a hotel that’s supposed to look like Omar’s base of operations. Paul in a not even remotely exciting or riveting action sequence storms the building to rescue his druggie daughter and is video game like in that Paul just hides behind pillars waiting for the stupid guards to stupidly for no reason come out into the open to get shot.

What the hell is Brian A. Miller directing an action film. I have heard of the man before as he was a producer at Cartoon Network bring shows like Cow and Chicken, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo, and Dexter’s Laboratory to us, but what the hell does Miller know about directing a life action, action film, which is obviously nothing because of how poorly directed The Prince was put together. The editing was bad, the camera angles were horrible, and the cinematography sucked. Really how the hell was this film managed to get made. I know of course its Hollywood, and there are many bad films made every year, but I mean The Prince is terrible, so how the hell was the film able to get made with Bruce Willis and a decent cast. One would think the once Hollywood king would have stopped for a second and looked at the script and then looked at his director stopped The Prince from getting made or at very least backed out from the project, but I guess that show us how far Willis’s career has fallen in that he needs the money so bad he has to do a film like The Prince.

Do I really need to say any more about this terrible film? Let me just leave my review with this parting thought The Prince is the worst film I have seen this year and one of the worst action films I have ever seen, and I would give anything to get back that ninety minutes of my life.

.5/5 Stars


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