Month: July 2014

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – Official Comic-Con Trailer

Daredevil Netflix TV Series To Premiere In May 2015

Article originates from John M. ______________________________________   By Joe Comicbook 07/27/2014 During Marvel Comics’ 75th and Daredevil’s 50th Anniversary Panel at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International, there was some discussion about the Daredevil Netflix TV series. The biggest reveal was probably the month when the Daredevil Netflix series would premiere. At the Guardians of the… Read More ›

Mockingjay Part 1 Official Teaser Trailer

Evangeline Lilly To Play Hope Van Dyne In Ant-Man Movie

Article originates from John M. ______________________________________ By Joe Comicbook 07/26/2014 Marvel Studios has just announced that Evageline Lilly will play Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man. Hope Van Dyne is the daughter of Hank Pym. “We’ve been fans of Evangeline for years, and couldn’t be more pleased that she’s agreed to join us on Ant-Man’s journey… Read More ›

Arrow Season 3 Trailer

Mary-Louise Parker Joins ‘The Blacklist’ Season 2

Article originates from John M. _______________________________________ JULY 26, 2014 | 04:07PM PT Maane Khatchatourian Mary-Louise Parker has joined the cast of “The Blacklist,” NBC announced at Comic-Con on Saturday. The Emmy winner will have a recurring role in the drama’s upcoming second season. Parker will play Naomi Hyland, a woman who’s hiding a dark… Read More ›

John’s 5 best Films of the 1930’s

List created and owned by John McGinn I’ve seen thousands of films in my now 35 years of life, but sadly I haven’t seen a lot of films from the 1920’s or 1930’s.  I’ve only seen about a half a dozen or so from the 1920’s and maybe two dozen or so from the 1930’s… Read More ›

John’s Review of Lucy

Review written and owned by John McGinn How can a film be witty, intelligent, and fun yet so, stupid and mundane?  Well director acclaimed action writer, producer and director Luc Besson has found a way to bring combine both in Besson’s Lucy. Luc Besson’s best years are decades behind him with his last great directorial… Read More ›

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2: Cobie Smulders Will Return As Maria Hill

The return of Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill in season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is certainly not surprising, but happy news as I love Cobie Smulders and her portrayal of Maria Hill.  I would love if Marvel/Disney and ABC made her a full time cast member, but I’ll take what I can get. For… Read More ›

Lucy Lawless Cast in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 2

Article originates from John M. _____________________________________ Published 9 hours ago by Molly Freeman 1.1K7929 Though season 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had plenty of ups and downs, the show finished out its debut year on a strong note, ultimately earning its season 2 renewal. The big turning point of the first season was the Captain America: The Winter Soldier tie-in… Read More ›