Month: May 2013

Machete Kills International TRAILER

John’s Review of Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal

Review by John McGinn “The moon peers down on a diseased world. There is no cure for the disease, an entire race walks mindlessly into destruction. Not even a man of colossal power, would be able to prevent the inevitable.” Every choice has a consequence, and every action will cause a reaction that will impact… Read More ›

John’s Review of The Place Beyond the Pines

Review by John McGinn The Place Beyond the Pines is an ambitious epic about choices and the consequences of those choices, and about the relationship between fathers and sons along with how the father’s decisions impact their sons. The film’s first act opens with Luke Glanton (Ryan Gosling) a famous motorcycle rider for a traveling… Read More ›

Memorial 4 Day Box Office Results

These numbers and article are via ‘Fast & Furious 6’ Easily Takes Memorial Day Weekend Checkered FlagMay 28, 2013 12:44 PM by Daniel Garris Universal’s Fast & Furious 6 was easily victorious at the Memorial Day weekend box office with respective three-day and four-day grosses of $97.38 million and $117.04 million. In addition to… Read More ›

John’s Review of Oblivion

Review by John McGinn What do you get when combine the themes from Kubrick, Spielberg, Scott and The Wachowskis sci-fi masterpieces along with some elements of Mass Effect and the mind of director Joseph Kosinski? You get Oblivion an unoriginal, but yet visually stunning and a fun and entertaining¬† sci-fi film. The film was adapted… Read More ›

John’s Review of MUD

Review by John Matthew McConaughey has suffered for the last decade in romantic comedy hell with films like The Wedding Planner, Fool’s Gold, Sahara and How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days with the only remotely decent films in that time being Frailty and Reign of Fire. How did he manage to climb out… Read More ›

John’s Review of Fast and Furious 6

Review by John Over the years since I first watched The Fast and the Furious way back in 2002 I’ve watched the franchise, actors and characters grow giving birth to one of the best action franchises ever, and along the way I’ve come to like and even care a little bit about the characters in… Read More ›

Don Jon Official Trailer

Here is the first trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new film Don Jon. It does look good, and Scarlett is well she is just amazing.

Keanu Reeves Movies Man of Tai Chi and Passengers Go to the Weinstein Company

¬†The Weinstein Company and its affiliate studio Radius-TWC has acquired the rights to two Keanu Reeves movies at Cannes, Man of TaiChi and Passengers. Radius-TWC acquired Man of Tai Chi, which serves as the actor’s directorial debut. The story, set in modern-day Beijing, follows a young martial artist (Tiger Hu Chen) who finds himself in… Read More ›

John’s Review of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Review by John I remember all the controversy surrounding Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within back right before its release in 2001. Actors across Hollywood were afraid computer rendered actors would replace them including Tom Hanks who was apparently paranoid that an actor of his caliber would be replaced saying “I am very troubled by it,… Read More ›